Course Created Exclusively for Women of Faith in Direct Sales and Network Marketing

If you are a Believer in Business,


Get Positioned and STAY Positioned!

Build Your (Life & ) Business on KINGDOM Values


***Over $13K Value

Price $1997

***NOW ONLY $497***


Question For You:

How would things change if you had the step by step instructions on how to

Build Your Business on Kingdom Values?

#1 - "It would have ignited His motivating fire in me and my business!"

#2 - "I would walk Godfidently, knowing I'm honoring God, stewarding well and trustworthy of more!"

#3 - "I would be so happy knowing my daily efforts were finally worth it!"

#4 - "I would have the clarity and peace that I've been longing for!"

#5 - "I would not be hiding but instead showing up as the servant leader He has called me to be!"



Will You Have Step by Step Training to Get Systems in Place that are Increasing Your Income and

Allowing You To Handle More in LESS Time?

Go from This to This...

FROM Looking at my business with frustration and annoyance TO it's a gift from His hand!

FROM Choosing to listen to the old mindsets that are robbing me TO learning to claim ALL He has for me!

FROM Messaging with no plan, no focus and no strategy TO intentional messaging that gets results!

FROM Spinning my wheels everyday with busy-ness but low fruit TO tracking efforts that are PRODUCING !

FROM Thinking I am not called to lead - TO knowing why and how He has called & equipped me to lead!

FROM Avoiding building real community TO showing up with joy for the women God has called me to serve!


Three Systems Implemented:

1. System: Training on Stewarding and Implementing the Tracking of Monthly Income and Expenses so you can handle more.

$997 VALUE

2. System: Training & Implementing Effective Messaging on Social Media so you can grow your leads and connections.

$1497 VALUE

3. System: Creating, Training & Implementing Your Daily Customer Nurturing Sequence so you can focus on tasks that matter!

$697 VALUE

APP: Kingdom Dreamchasers™ APP: Over 180 Trainings, Spiritual and Professional Development Training, Exclusively Created for Women in Direct Sales/Network Marketing by over 45 Kingdom Influencers (Sales, Recruiting, Social Media, Kingdom Mindsets and so much more!)

Over $9,997 VALUE

#3 - KDC Community. Gail's FB Group where you can share your opportunity & products

and get suggestions & make awesome connections!

Priceless Connections & Support


Price $1997



Kingdom Results:

*Increased Visibility

*Increased Connections

*Increased Customers

Gail's training leading you inside the Course each step of the way.

Can you imagine? YES!

This Is A Gift from God's Hand!

Recap What You Get...

-6 Months Access

-Monthly Check In Emails

To Keep You On Track!



System for Stewarding Your Finances - Easy input google sheet - monthly income and expenses, % profit, quarterly reports, estimated tax payments. To grow we must know where we are so you can get where you want to go! You will be coached monthly by Gail on how to implement for your records! FREEDOM!

A Course within the Course!

System for your Social Media Strategy - Knowing who you serve, where/when to post, where/when to go live, how/when to create a group, how to use your personal page and or your business page - discover then chose and master the right path for you! All with coaching and support! A Course within the Course.

System for Nurturing Your Leads: Identifying and creating your nurturing sequence, scheduling and completing your daily most important tasks - getting the MUST HAVE accountability, strategy and Kingdom wisdom to know how to be authentically connecting and inviting others to connect!

A Course within the Course!

#2 - AND GET 24/7 Access inside Gail's Membership Exclusive Coaching App. For On-The-Go Kingdom Entrepreneurs wanting Professional Development with ease - 180 Video Trainings - For 6 months. This is the only Coaching App in the world created and designed for Women of Faith in Direct Sales and Network Marketing with content from over 45 Kingdom leaders, Authors, Coaches - ALL speaking directly to and for YOU! Gail's Podcast is inside the App too!

#3 - Gail's Free Facebook Group: Kingdom Dreamchasers with Gail Root you get Free Monthly Live Events, Weekly free training #realtalkwithgail and Weekly chance to post and share your products and opportunity: #whatyougotwednesday

The Six Pillars Overview

#1 - HONOR God by knowing who He is, who He says you are, how to walk in true identity in your business.

#2 - DECLARE His word and Truth in your life and business. How to root out the poverty, scarcity, lack, money is bad, religious mindsets keeping you bound and instead speak LIFE daily into your business.

#3 - PURPOSE - Know your niche, who you are called to serve and how to message directly to her!

#4 - SELF-GOVERN - Create your daily plan and regularly track the results.

#5 - LEADERSHIP - Experience new God given courage to lead and inspire others.

#6 - COMMUNITY - Creating space for those you serve, building inspiring & multiplying!

Course Designed FOR YOU One Step At A Time:

You complete one Pillar, MARK IT DONE and then get access to the next Pillar!

Course & APP Access for Six Months!

Over $13K VALUE
Price $1997

NOW ONLY $497!

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